Upon Return to Work, What Accommodations May Be Requested?


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown everyone out of orbit as far as their ability to trust their employers and their ability to find work that suits their needs. It is understandable that the average Long Beach workplace attorney is receiving an extra dose of work at this point in time as employees begin to wonder what kind of accommodations they can reasonably ask for as they return to work. It has always been the case that employees could hire a Long Beach employment lawyer if they felt that they were being discriminated against in the workplace, but some have wondered what they might be able to do now that coronavirus is a distinct part of returning to work.

Your Concerns About COVID-19 Are Valid 

The first thing a good employment attorney in Long Beach CA will tell you is that your concerns about coronavirus and its potential to impact your life are understandable and reasonable concerns. The virus has already killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and it has sickened many more. Worldwide, the death toll numbers climb into the millions, and virtually every human being on the planet has been impacted by the virus in some form or fashion. Thus, you need to reach out to a Long Beach employment attorney if you feel that your concerns about the virus and your ability to work safely in your environment are being threatened. You may have a legitimate case that needs to be heard by the courts. You might be able to use your employment lawyer Long Beach to help win the rights that should have been extended to you right from the start.

Reasonable Accommodations Must Be Provided

In the state of California, it is the law that your employer must provide reasonable accommodations to you unless those accommodations are far too difficult for the employer to provide, they harm other co-workers, your employer is not covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (rare), or these accommodations would dramatically change the nature of your job in some way. None of these things typically apply, but sometimes people are too afraid to reach out to a Long Beach workplace discrimination attorney to do what they need to do to get justice from that individual. This can mean that they are literally leaving themselves out to dry as they simply accept that their rights are being violated and they are not going to attempt to do anything about it. Hopefully, there are not too many people who allow themselves to be put in this situation.

The Neal-Lopez Law Group hires a vast number of employment lawyers who know how to spot discrimination when they see it. They will happily snap to attention to protect your rights and work with you to ensure that no employer decides that it is acceptable to trample on your hard-won employment rights. They know how the laws work in California (and beyond in some cases), and they know when their client is being treated unfairly. It is their job to take up the mantle of your case and present it to the court in a way that everyone can understand. Basically, they will not stop until they have won your case or come to an agreement with your employer to make the necessary changes to make you best able to do your job.

Work From Home May Be A Reasonable Request 

Understand that asking to work from home may be a reasonable request under the circumstances. It was a rare thing for you to hear about a person who had a work-from-home job in the past, but this is no longer the case. COVID-19 forced many people to begin working from home, particularly in its early days. Many of those same people have never returned to the office as their employer has decided to maintain their job as a work-from-home job into the future. That is why many employees now see the possibility of working from home as reasonable accommodation to ask for. They might be exactly right about this. After all, there are legitimate concerns around catching this virus and possibly doing harm to yourself or others. It is possible with a great attorney to make the case that you deserve to work from home to protect your health. Look to such attorneys for assistance during these turbulent times and see if they are able to assist you in your question to be comfortable and productive while at work.