Success Stories

The lawyers at Neal-Lopez Law Group have been obtaining successful results on behalf of clients. Below are some of the most recent successful results Neal-Lopez Law Group has obtained in employment and labor cases:


Race Discrimination/Harassment/Wrongful Termination

African American employees were discriminated against and harassed by their employer. The employees were subjected to ongoing derogatory comments and after they complained, they were wrongful terminated based on their protected characteristic.


Sexual Harassment/Constructive Termination

Two female employees were sexually harassed by their manager and owner of the company. There was no one to report the harassment to other than the manager/owner who was harassing them. Ultimately, the two employees were forced to resign from their employment as the harassing conduct continued despite their pleas for it to stop.


Age Discrimination/Wrongful Termination

A female employee was discriminated against and suffered adverse employment action by her employer.


Wage and Hour Violations

An hourly employee for an auto shop was denied his meal and rest breaks, and was retaliated against by his employer when he complained about not being paid. After a series of incidents of retaliation, the employer wrongfully terminated him.


Disability Discrimination/Wrongful Termination

A female employee who had worked for her employer for many years was diagnosed with a medical condition. The employee took a medical leave of absence and upon her return to work, she had workplace restrictions prescribed by her doctor. Her employer refused to accommodate the work restrictions. After the employee complained that she was being discriminated against because of her medical condition, she was terminated.


Sexual Harassment/Constructive Termination

An employee at a jewelry store was sexual harassed by her immediate supervisor. The employee complained to human resources about the sexual harassment, but no action was taken to investigate her complaint or cease the harassment. The harassment became so intolerable that she was forced to resign (constructive termination).