Federal, State, and Local COVID-19 Sick Leave in California


Though we are currently on the downward slide in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic and there are now vaccines available, there are still millions of people that are affected by COVID. Knowing what the regulations and rules in your area are regarding sick time should you contract the virus is super helpful.

What to Do if Someone You Live with Contracts COVID-19?

When it comes to something as serious as COVID, the CDC still recommends that everyone in the home quarantine for a period of time to make sure that there is no further infection. This can be troublesome for some employers and they may feel that they have the right to take action against those that are forced to quarantine. Though the emergency federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act has expired and we are no longer in the thick of the pandemic, there are now laws put in place to protect those directly affected by COVID.

In most states, state and local lawmakers stepped in and created laws and regulations that are meant to protect those that are dealing with COVID-19 directly. California is one such state that has created laws to protect the people. Currently, California has laws in place that allow those that may contract COVID-19 to take supplemental sick leave, on top of the sick leave that they are already afforded, in order to recover, quarantine if needed, and to test before coming back to work.

These laws are meant to be in place until the end of September 2021. In the case of some laws, you cannot apply for COVID-19 leave and be approved unless you do not have the ability to do telework or to work from home in your current position. Your employer should be able to confirm that you can or cannot do telework at home before they apply for funds to help cover your sick time. In some cases, if you do contract COVID-19 or if you are quarantined, you can apply for SDI or state disability insurance that does help to pay you while you are out of work.

Workers that are taking care of very sick family members can also apply for paid family leave to help take care of those that are ill. Paid family leave can apply for up to eight weeks depending on how ill the family member is and how much they need you to care for them. Paid sick leave at this point of the pandemic is a bit difficult for many to traverse and for many people to understand. Though your employer may help you understand it to a certain extent, you may still need to seek more information.

How can an Orange County Employment Attorney Help?

When it comes to difficult questions like what do you qualify for and what is the process for applying, an employment attorney Los Angeles or Los Angeles workplace lawyers can help you to understand what your rights are and what your employer has to give you. Your Los Angeles employment attorney can help you to learn just how long you can take off work, what you can do to get off of work and still get paint, and what protections you have as well in terms of making sure your job is still intact and that you are not going to be terminated due to COVID-19.

This pandemic has been difficult for everyone, it is so hard to understand how much time you can take off work, what the regulations are, and how much time your employer has to let you take off to either recover from COVID-19 or to take care of family members that have contracted the virus. Workplace lawyers Los Angeles can help explain the ins and outs of COVID-19 sick leave law and can help you make sure you are fully protected.