What Should You do After Blowing the Whistle?

Whistleblowers are generally employees that report information about unsafe, illegal, or improper issues in a business or other organization. This is a big deal, as calling out an employer or coworker can be difficult. While whistleblowers are protected by law, an employer could try to retaliate against you, which is why it is important to […]

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5 Tips to Protect Your Business from Employment Lawsuits in CA

As a business owner, avoiding lawsuits is always a major goal. Lawsuits can not only hurt your business, but your representation as well. Experienced employment law attorney in Long Beach. Will be able to help you avoid costly legal issues and advise you if any problems come up. Here are some tips for protecting your […]

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What is Considered Gender Identity Discrimination?

If you own a business or manage a business, you need to learn about gender identity discrimination and how it affects your business. Our experts in Long Beach CA employment discrimination law at Neal-Lopez Law Group put together this blog to explain the essentials. If you’re an employer, you need to create business procedures and […]

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Silence No More Act: Who does it protect?

Knowing about current employment legislation can help you navigate your career and know the areas where you have protection. The Silenced No More Act is something that will go in effect in California in early 2022, and it’s something all tech industry workers should know about. These are some of the details about the act. What […]

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What Does a Hostile Workplace Sound Like?

Understanding when there’s an actual hostile work environment CA is critical for both employers and employees. It’s imperative since misusing the term “hostile” leads to more frivolous legal claims, stress, and strained relationships between employers and employees or coworkers. Furthermore, management mishandles such charges due to a misunderstanding of the word. “Intimidation has a clear […]

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Steps to Take if you have been Discriminated

If you are being discriminated against in the workplace, it can be rather emotional. It can also be debilitating, but there are some steps that you can take to solve these things. We have dealt with many discrimination cases here at Neal-Lopez Law Group. In time, you will eventually need to search for workplace lawyers […]

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